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A Place to Shine

Dayhome Friends Care is an In-Home Multi-Age facility that will be caring and educating children from 6- 12 years old. Our program offers a combination of play-based and Montessori learning activities. We give children the freedom to explore to their heart’s content in our home environment of carefully prepared engaging, meaningful explorative activities. We provide individualized care and education that promotes on the development of the whole child.

Our philosophy is based on a holistic development of the child by giving them age- appropriate learning, interesting, fun and enjoyable activities that are based on their interests. We recognize that children have individual learning styles. Our program and philosophy are flexible according to the children’s individual and families’ needs. We ensure that the program of activities is modified according to child’s needs especially those who need extra support. We believe in partnering with our parents to promote and enhance the child ‘s growth and development.

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